Designed fresh for Coles

If you’ve been inside a Coles store anywhere in Australia lately, you’ll have noticed our new ‘Coles Fresh’ campaign. Coles has done a huge amount of good work to make their produce better than ever and wanted to celebrate it with everyone. We were asked to bring the message to life.

We took inspiration from the great markets of the world as we love the authentic way market stallholders communicate, from the handwritten prices to the eclectic typography and messages of provenance. These textures, colours and styles help make the market an exciting place to shop.

This became the inspiration for ‘Newmarket’, a look and feel developed to bring the Coles fresh message to life across all of Coles’ fresh departments.

Together with the ‘Coles fresh’ lockup we have a flexible design solution that can deliver all of our messaging consistently and be scaleable enough to rollout to the hundreds of Coles stores across the country.

The campaign has only been in market for a short time but Coles have already seen some positive results in sales as well as customer feedback. It’s early days but were hoping this stays around for years to come.




Digital Lead

Whippet AUS

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