Whippet amplifies the message for National Hearing Care.

Amplifon are a global company specialising in the provision of hearing healthcare services and products. They had a big job to do: localising their global brand across their Australasian operations’ websites, while creating content that recognised the complexity of the markets and each business’s unique service offerings.


Whippet was tasked with providing information architecture, content strategy, digital design, brand implementation and production for Australia’s National Hearing Care and New Zealand’s Bay Audiology as part of a cross-agency collaborative effort alongside SapientNitro (UX), Accenture (web development) and Sparrow (SEO).


The result of this large-scale project is a more relevant, intuitive and consistent online presence for National Hearing Care and Bay Audiology, giving vital support for their 350+ locations and call centres.

Visit nhc.com.au and bayaudiology.co.nz



Digital Lead

Whippet AUS