We put a ring on it! Celebrating 7 years of the Coles Value Ring.

When you think of what makes a brand, you probably think of the big things – the logo, the tagline, the jingle. But here at Whippet, we focus on much more than these attention-seeking headline elements. We believe ‘little’ things like colour, typography and even a humble price point should also be working hard to represent the brand and say something to customers.


During our overhaul of the Coles brand communications and design suite in 2010, we identified the opportunity to create a single-minded, simple and – crucially – a more ownable graphic device to consistently deliver value and price messages. The price point was the most frequently used communication element within the Coles brand, appearing thousands of times across stores, catalogues and above the line, however, consistency was a problem with different treatments for each channel, and there was no visual link back to the Coles brand identity itself.


Our solution needed to link naturally to the core brand identity and work equally well across all channels, including catalogue, TV, online and even store ticketing. We looked to the core brand mark for inspiration, drawing on the ‘O’ in the Coles logo and created what we dubbed the ‘Value Ring’. Its resemblance to a traffic sign instantly demanded attention from customers, with simple black on white type ensuring legibility, accessibility and easy replication across all applications.


Used consistently across all channels since 2010, the Coles Value Ring is now a cornerstone of the Coles visual identity and one of the most recognisable (and copied!) graphic solutions for pricing in Australian retailer marketing. It is the foundation for all value communication across the brand, including specials, new products and everyday pricing. Now, when Coles customers are looking for great value, they know to look for the Coles Value Ring.




Digital Lead

Whippet AUS

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