Nosferatu Gin: Creating a gin brand with extra bite


When the team at Nosferatu asked us to help them with the brand identity and packaging design for their new artisan gin, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the project.

With a spooky spirit of film noir running through its veins, the Nosferatu brand identity pays homage to the cult classic, featuring the moonlit shadow of the vampire count standing menacingly in the foreground and the village he haunts behind him.

Whippet handled everything from concept through to production for the brand identity and the packaging, including the label design for the bottle and the shipping boxes.

Nosferatu gin enjoyed a great reception during its launch last week so make sure to get your hands on a bottle and enjoy a nip of this delicious blood red spirit with bite!

“For the brand identity of our new gin concept, we couldn’t have asked for a better agency than Whippet. Not only were they great to work with, they have taken the product to a new level with a striking and original design that perfectly delivered on our brief. We think the result is remarkable.”

– Rory Smith, Owner and Founder, Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin




Digital Lead

Whippet AUS

Hole lotta love for Coles Express Donuts

Petrol stations are known for convenience, not quality. So Coles Express needed to change customers’ perceptions and show they had quality food in-store. To launch the new range of Coles Express donuts, Whippet needed impactful design that got customers to veer off the well-worn path from bowser to register.


The Problem

After drawing customers to the section with bold design and messaging, we surprised them by showing a level of freshness and quality not expected in a convenience store. Great food will always get customers coming back for more – but something’s got to get them to the shelves in the first place!


The Solution

We decided to disrupt the customer journey – capturing customer attention and encouraging them to try our delicious donuts. We knew that what worked in a supermarket wouldn’t always cut it in a convenience setting, so we used visually arresting packaging and in-store advertising to grab those customers who had never considered our food-to-go range previously.




Digital Lead

Whippet AUS

How we constructed a powerhouse brand.


The Challenge:

Create a specialist welding brand for welding specialists.

We needed to create a serious brand to sell some serious tools. A new range of powerful, durable and reliable welding machines was ready to be launched into the market. But to get both professional tradies and DIYers to even give them a glance, The Michigan Welding Company’s products needed branding that spoke to that serious quality.


The Solution:

Sparked by an industrial powerhouse.

Inspired by a city with a proud working-class history and world-class reputation for production, The Michigan Welding Co. design boldly reflects smart engineering and reliability with strong type, industrial textures and colour palette that stands out from its established competitors. The brand design appears across Michigan’s entire range of welding machines, accessories and consumables – all available exclusively at Total Tools Australia. We’re looking forward to seeing the Michigan brand deliver a performance as strong as the machines themselves.

“We’re delighted to have Whippet’s new brand design for Michigan Welding Co. on our shelves.“ Total Tools General Manager of Merchandise & Marketing, Nicole Bemelmans said. “Whippet have rolled up their sleeves and done a brilliant job of conveying the strength and reliability of the brand.”



Digital Lead

Whippet AUS

How we helped Coles enter the mobile phone market.

Coles Mobile called us when they decided to get into the crowded Australian mobile phone market.

Our creative and strategic brief was to develop a brand from scratch for their brand new prepaid mobile phone and SIM range.

We decided ‘loud’, ‘confident’ and ‘happy’ would work best in appealing to the whole family of prepaid customers – especially with a product as competitive (one of the best in market) as what Coles were offering. The line, “Talk it up!” was based on the insight from research that in plans like these, talking was still more important to customers than data.


We came up with the new logo, naming, brand guidelines, tone of voice and packaging.

Talk it up!



Digital Lead

Whippet AUS

We’re honing our craft for Birch


We don’t think anyone should have to make do and mend without beautifully packaged pins, needles and buttons – and of course by our very nature we love getting creative – so we’re doubly happy to be working on the rebrand of the Australian haberdasher Birch. We’ve looked at their brand descriptor, their logo, packaging and in-store display, making sure it’s easy to shop and easy to merchandise. We hope Australia’s knitters and stitchers agree we’ve crafted some beautiful designs that really bring this heritage brand to life.


Sean Dwyer

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