• In-store brand activation

• Point-of-sale design

A big brand approach for private labels

Coles Liquor have developed a superb range of private label products over the years and called on us to give these unfamiliar brands standout in the cluttered liquor store environment. A bold, simple approach helped customers challenge their usual choices, while strong visual cues to the label designs helped with product identification in visually busy stores.

Crafting a story for craft beer

One of the standout private labels launched by Coles Liquor was SteamRail Craft Beer and Whippet were on hand with a strong store campaign to introduce it to beer lovers everywhere. Blessed with strong label designs and a story based concept we conceived the line “Ale With A Tale” and a sense of exploration to the design to support the quirky beer and its fictional history. So successful was the launch that SteamRail sold out in the first week. Cheers to that!

Different approaches for different tastes

With each private label product appealing to a different audience we focus on their inherent strengths to create cut through. For Firecracker, a bold and peppery Shiraz, we designed a campaign image to suggest a rich taste explosion, while for Robinson’s Sauvignon Blanc, we focused on a cooler, lighter design style to suggest the wine style. Whether grape or grain Whippet made sure that customers found their top drop.