• Brand perception change

• POS design & communication

• Tone of voice

• Value communication

• Message hierarchy

Reinventing frozen food retail

Iceland, a familiar high street brand, loved by many but ready for a refresh, asked us to redesign the Clapham Common store. With a brief to develop a more surprising and engaging store experience and communicate the unique benefits of frozen food, we gave it a top to bottom, inside-out makeover.

Brighter, bolder, easier to shop

Every touchpoint in the customer journey was considered from outdoor media to a bold, new fascia. Simpler navigation makes the store easier to shop, while value, quality, education and brand messages are all told with a warmer tone of voice. A brighter colour palette and more inspirational photography are used throughout.

  • Bringing firsts to Iceland

    Innovative features include a run of digital screens at the front of store (never seen before at Iceland), used to convey rolling promotions which change according to the time of day. Elsewhere there’s excitement for the kids when shopping in the ice cream aisle – open the freezer and there’s music, just like when the ice cream van comes!

    “Wow, what a change!”

    The new store has been gathering applause from the people who matter most: the customers of Clapham. Our favorite comment so far? “I’ve been coming to this store for more than 20 years and it’s never looked so good!” Now that’s praise indeed.