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Finding your role-mate

With over 20 years of local expertise and up to 40 million monthly site visits, SEEK knows Australian candidates better than anyone. By actively sharing its wealth of knowledge with its clients, SEEK make the recruitment process faster, easier and more effective.

Mastering online matchmaking

Now freshly updated and all online, Laws of Attraction is SEEK’s industry-leading insights portal that allows hirers to explore the results of a comprehensive survey of nearly 6,000 Australian job candidates to find out exactly what motivates them. By knowing exactly what relevant candidates are looking for – and it’s more than just money – hirers are empowered to recruit quality talent as efficiently as possible.

Making Laws of Attraction irresistible

Whippet worked closely with SEEK to create the striking visual identity for Laws of Attraction, exploring a diverse range of options before landing on the final product. In addition to the visual identity and mobile-friendly online collateral, Whippet was also tasked with creating a range of offline material to support the refresh of Laws of Attraction, including event banners, internal and external DM pieces, event invites, merchandise and more.