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Helping Monash re-imagine its world-class MBA

In order to regain its mantle as the number one choice for students, Monash Business School refreshed its prestigious MBA course in 2017 with a renewed focus on providing graduates with access to global companies.

To highlight the world-class nature of the new course, Monash engaged Whippet to select five students with the most diverse and interesting career backgrounds, and document their journey of choosing to complete their MBA with Monash Business School, and reflecting on how it helped them get to where they are today.

Watch the videos to hear what two of the standout applicants had to say.

Featuring a hand-picked cohort of the best 50 applicants from around the globe, the new program allows students the opportunity to meet with and learn from leaders from a wide range of internationally recognised organisations, setting them up for careers of limitless potential.

The project covered


Creative direction | Copywriting | Art direction | Script development | Video production | Supervision

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