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All things pink: trending in retail.

It's a pink thing

Being hyped as one of the most ubiquitous and versatile colours of the decade, pink continues to take the world by storm; the retail industry is no exception.

Since the sugary pastel shade of Rose Quartz received Pantone’s approving nod as Colour of the Year in 2016, various hues of pink have found their way into favour. Few industries have escaped the resurgent colour’s power to capture a customer’s attention. While a few of us were left wondering what the heck “Pale dogwood” actually was, one thing we knew for sure was that it was anything but “daggy”.

The soft and neutral undertones of millennial pink trending in retail are a far cry from the ultra-feminine Barbie pink that once upon a time cemented gender norms.

Acne Studios Hong Kong

Image Credit: Sketch

Photo Credit: New York Post

Normann Copenhagen’s revamped flagship store

Photo cred: archilovers


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