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Keeping it sweet at Captain Candy in Dubrovnik.

Ahoy there! Thanks in large part to the worldwide phenomenon of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik in sunny Croatia is all the rage right now as far as seaside European cities go. But not only is it the flavour of the month, it’s also home to two particularly flavourful sweet shops named Captain Candy. We recently dropped anchor to visit the stunning walled city, and when we came across this colourful collection of candies, we decided we’d take the time to indulge our respective sweet tooths. Strikingly presented and eminently ‘grammable, Captain Candy calls you in with its sweet aroma and pirate-themed store design. And like the overgrown kids in a candy shop that we were, we marvelled at sugary smorgasbord on offer. Sitting atop old rum barrels, the Captain’s bounty is as creative as it is delicious – with everything from life-size banana lollies to tempting tennis balls, meringue macarons to the sourest of sour Coke bottles and even a fried egg. With two almost-identical stores in prominent locations, you won’t miss Captain Candy if you find yourself marooned in Dubrovnik. But word to the wise, the Captain charges a hefty fee for his wares, so be prepared to leave with substantially lighter pockets and lots of sugary-treasure.   iSpy the Captain on Instagram.


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