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Casper opens first bricks & mortar store in New York.

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Brand – Casper What – Casper opens its first highly anticipated bricks and mortar store Where – NYC When – February 2018


More than a mattress company, Casper sells the ideal of a better sleep for a brighter day. By ditching the jargon and delivering their products as part of the solution to a better night’s sleep, the online mattress retailer has managed to catapult itself ahead of the rest.

Within a month of launching its online store in April 2014, Casper had sold over $1 million dollars worth of mattresses. Despite specialising in the sale of a big ticket item not traditionally purchased online, in its first year the brand sold $40 million worth of stock, making it one of the most successful online retail launches of all time.

The mattress category is the latest in a long line of traditional retailers to be disrupted by technology.

Following the epic success of its online launch, Casper opened the doors of its very first bricks and mortar store earlier this year; selling its mattresses and lovable sleep expertise alongside an extended range of sheets, pillows, quilts and dog beds, on Broadway in New York.

Photo cred: Entrepreneur

From pop ups to a place on Broadway

Casper had a massive online advertising presence but needed a physical space where customers could engage with the product and experience the brand. Pop-up stores were rolled out in Paris, New York, LA and Toronto. Remaining faithful to their original design, the new Broadway concept store delivers a quirky but lovable brand to customers eager to engage with it.

Brand Voice

The quirky and lovable tone of voice really connects with customers. Instead of using the technical details and jargon like its competitors, Casper made itself accessible to the average consumer by focusing on the benefits of great sleep – and just how easy it was to have. They also developed a distinctive illustration style in house, one that translates really well on social media, outdoor advertising and public transport with posters.

Comfortable is cool

The in-store experience at Casper’s first permanent store is uncluttered, fresh and inviting. You can even take a nap in a miniature home. The merchandise is cleverly displayed to highlight excellent product demonstrations. Casper isn’t just your regular mattress retailer!

The beds are all housed in quirky little bedrooms, giving customers an opportunity to “nap” and test them in privacy while staff wear lab coats that add a touch of theatre to the experience.

Photo cred: CNBC

Photo cred: Washington Post

Photo cred: Casper blog

Photo cred: Wink Brand Design

Taking to the streets: The Nap Tour

Casper used a branded trailer – the “nap mobile” – completely tailored with 4 beds inside to showcase their service, expertise and products. The Nap Tour was promoted as a way of taking the brand to the masses.

What started as a direct-to-consumer-mattress-in-a-box company has officially landed on Broadway, bringing with it all the quirky charm and appeal we’ve come to expect from the cleverly branded retail giant.


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