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Christmas Unwrapped

In the land of retail, June is close to crunch time for retailers to start planning their Christmas marketing. And so, enthused with the Christmas spirit, we sent our very own elf, Design Director Ashley on a (almost) worldwide retail safari to unwrap the most inspiring festive ideas in store.

Four distinctively different themes dominated the Christmas palette.

1.     Traditional Christmas red with a more contemporary, stylish temp.

2.     Unexpected bursts of multi-colour sprinkles which reimagined a more youthful, energetic Christmas.

3.     Deep, rich, luxurious blues juxtaposed with neon giving premium vibes.

4.     Disco Santa, surprisingly stylish with reflective silver textures.

Our Christmas Trend Report delves into everything Christmas, from the so-so to the ho-ho. Planning your next Christmas campaign and would like to see more?


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