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Change-making: welcome to a new look Whippet.

Every day we look in the mirror, and every day we look pretty much the same as we did the day before. It’s not until we look back at an old photo that we realise just how much we’ve changed over the years.

With brand design, it’s a bit different.

While the world slowly but surely continues to change – clothing trends, design and art styles, architecture and automotive styling, and the list goes on – it’s easy to look at your brand and think that it still looks pretty good. And maybe it does.

That’s how we felt about our Whippet brand. Although it hadn’t been updated in a decade, we thought it still stacked up quite nicely. However, we were keen to see what our designers would come up with when given free rein. As is almost always the case in such scenarios, we were glad we did.

Using the same process we apply to brand design work for all our clients, our designers explored plenty of design territories, and we stole the best bits of each one, culled wildly, went back and back and back to the drawing board many times over, tweaked this, changed that, and watched the new brand take shape.

But there’s a lot more to a brand refresh than just a new logo or colourway. It’s an opportunity to distil what the brand and the business stands for, and redraw the lines if they’ve become a bit blurry. As our brand refresh was a collaborative effort between our Melbourne and London offices, we used it to realign the two offices and take stock of what it is that we do best as an agency.

Although both our offices have worked on a diverse range of clients over the last (almost) twenty years – predominantly but not always retail brands – and although we’ve done everything from TV ads to ticketing, there’s one thing that’s always tied our work together, and that’s an unrelenting desire to make customer interactions more meaningful to drive results for our clients.

We pondered this long and hard, and decided that the clearest summation of what we do is that we’re a brand transformation agency with a wealth of experience in retail. But that doesn’t have much of a ring to it, so we wondered if we could wrap that sentiment up into something with a bit more personality.

And so our new ‘change-makers’ positioning was born.

It’s not a headline, not a tagline. It’s a simple summary of what we do for our clients. Sometimes a lot of change is needed, sometimes only a little – but it’s a process of discovery and learning along the way. As the saying goes, when in doubt, choose change.

If you’d like to chat about change, we’re ready when you are.


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