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Nosferatu Gin: Creating a gin brand with extra bite

When the team at Nosferatu asked us to help them with the brand identity and packaging design for their new artisan gin, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the project.

With a spooky spirit of film noir running through its veins, the Nosferatu brand identity pays homage to the cult classic, featuring the moonlit shadow of the vampire count standing menacingly in the foreground and the village he haunts behind him.

Whippet handled everything from concept through to production for the brand identity and the packaging, including the label design for the bottle and the shipping boxes.

Nosferatu gin enjoyed a great reception during its launch last week so make sure to get your hands on a bottle and enjoy a nip of this delicious blood red spirit with bite!

“For the brand identity of our new gin concept, we couldn’t have asked for a better agency than Whippet. Not only were they great to work with, they have taken the product to a new level with a striking and original design that perfectly delivered on our brief. We think the result is remarkable.”

Rory Smith, Owner and Founder, Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin


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