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Adding value to brand messaging

Creating compelling communications from the store out is well-known territory for Whippet, so creating new value messaging for Priceline that played well with existing promotional activity was a challenge we readily embraced.

The main task was to create a simple, catchy line that directly addressed the value proposition and design a compelling visual asset that complemented the visual power of Priceline’s signature magenta colour.

"Love Paying Less” perfectly complemented the Priceline tone of voice and is a timely, topical addition to our in store, online, catalogue and social campaigns.

Priceline QMV-D1&D209_edited_edited.jpg
Secondary Image_2560x1340_Screens_edited.jpg
Secondary Image_2560x1340_Guidelines.jpg

“This has been such an exciting and rewarding project to work on! Have loved every minute of it and now seeing it come to life after the hard work from the Priceline and Whippet Melbourne team is fabulous!”

Gabrielle Tully

Head of Marketing, Priceline Pharmacy


The project covered


Branding strategy | Concept | Design asset creation | Creative rollout | Brand Guidelines 

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