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Helping Snooze slip into something a little more comfortable.

This week we’re excited to see the launch of the new integrated campaign and brand platform we developed for Snooze.

Following a successful competitive pitch earlier this year, we focussed on differentiation and driving affinity without compromising Snooze’s ability to meet immediate and ambitious sales targets.

Running nationally across TV, radio, digital, social and in stores, the new brand platform establishes Snooze as the destination for expert advice on all things comfortable, and also launches the Snooze Profiler® – the new proprietary system that can help customers chose a bed that may better suit their needs.

The production timeframe was ambitious – only six weeks from being awarded the project to needing final assets. We also loved working with director Tracey Rowe, photographer Grant Harvey, and a skilled broader production team.

Keep an eye out for it next time you’re watching TV in bed or anywhere else equally comfortable – but nowhere really is, is it?


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